Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Benefits & Systems Reviewed

There are a lot of things to learn about alkaline drinking water systems and electrolyzed reduced water if you are not familiar with the subject, like what type of machine to choose, where it should be installed for your particular situation, and how to use the device and the alkaline or acidic water it makes. One of the main reasons that ionized drinking water is such an important addition to your diet is the fact that The Typical American diet is full of foods that promote acidosis. Acidosis happens when the body fluids are in a low pH environment because of a buildup of acids which can be caused by many different factors. This website goes into depth about many of the different things that cause acidosis, and what happens when the body has reached this dangerous level of over acidity. Alkaline ionized antioxidant drinking water has been proven to help detoxify and clean the body of this acid buildup helping to restore it to a healthier state.

There are a lot of scientific and medical research studies that have been conducted showing that using ionized water for the prevention and treatment of many different types of diseases and conditions can provide positive results.  People have been drinking this water for decades worldwide and enjoying the many different alkaline water ionizer benefits.   Although all of this information may be new to you, it is not new to science or to human consumption.  The machines themselves and the benefits of drinking electrolyzed reduced water is somewhat new in the United States, it is not however a new product or new discovery.  Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have been drinking this water for decades, especially in China / Asia and the “Eastern” part of the world.  That is where the best alkaline water ionizer systems / machines are made and come from, and they are very popular.  You may read many different conflicting things on the internet about the machines and the water they make.  Some are positive, some are negative, and some are even outright scary and / or manipulative.  You should know that alkaline ph ionized water, the water that is made in the ionizer machine, is medically researched, and there are hundreds of medical studies that point to it’s potential health benefits.  There are also many different uses for the different pH waters that you can make with one of these machines.  When it comes to natural cleaning aka chemical free cleaning, you will find water that has been ionized can be used as a natural disinfectant, because it has been found to contain anti-bacterial properties and due to its acidic ph.

Is alkaline bottled water good? Will it give you the health benefits you keep hearing about? Is it safe to make alkaline water with baking soda? How can you make this water so it is healthy, safe, and beneficial?
Is alkaline bottled water good? Will it give you the health benefits you keep hearing about? Is it safe to make alkaline water with baking soda? How can you make this water so it is healthy, safe, and beneficial?

Does Alkaline Water Have Health Benefits or Health Dangers?

As you can see in the image above, and as I am sure you have seen in your local supermarket or convenience store there are many new brands oh higher ph alkalinized bottled drinking water popping up.  Is this a new health movement? Or is the bottled water industry just capitalizing off of peoples new perception of alkaline drinking water as being healthy? Are these bottled waters worth the extra cost over traditional types? Are there health benefits to drinking higher ph bottled alkalized water? What are the benefits of alkaline water filter system ionizer machines compared to bottled water? We have uncovered just exactly what is going on here by analyzing how to make bottled alkaline drinking water at home and comparing it to these bottled waters shown in the image above. For the full story, read our article on the benefits and dangers of making bottled alkaline drinking water.

What is the difference between Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water and Alkaline Ph Drinking Water?

Like the bottled waters shown in the image above, you can make any water alkaline by adding minerals or chemicals to it so that the ph of the water increases.  Water that has a ph of greater than 7.0 is alkaline. Although you can make alkaline ph drinking water in many different ways by simply raising the ph of the water, this is not health beneficial and can even be harmful. For an in dept explanation read our page on alkaline water scams. Ionized antioxidant water is created by water electrolysis by breaking the hydrogen bonds between water molecules. In this process the acidic and alkaline minerals in the tap or well water are also separated, giving you what is called alkaline ionized water and acidic ionized water. This is why all water ionizers have 2 drain tubes, one for the alkaline ph and one for the acidic ph water. This water is made by what scientist call water electrolysis. It separates the minerals present in water and breaks the hydrogen bonds between the H2O molecule. This leaves an abundance of Oxygen in the water and Hydroxyl ions in the water. The increased amount of oxygen present is what is know as ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential. This is the antioxidant present in alkaline ionized drinking water that is made by alkaline water ionizer machine systems . The water molecules are also micro clustered, meaning that group together in small water cluster sizes. This allows the cells in your body to absorb the reduced water molecules at a faster rate. This leads to faster re-hydration as well as faster absorption of ionized minerals like calcium and magnesium. If you want the health beneficial effects, you must drink Alkaline Ionized Water that is produced by water electrolysis. Only ionized alkalized water made in this way has these health benefits. Purchasing bottled alkalinized water or making your drinking water alkaline by adding baking soda or other chemicals to raise its ph value is not health beneficial and can even be dangerous. In short, the alkaline 9.5 ph bottled waters you see in the store and sole by companies claiming that their water is naturally made alkaline by adding minerals or chemicals is equivalent to putting a Tums in a glass of water and then drinking it. It is a cheap and simple way to raise the ph of water to make it alkaline, making alkalized water “benefits” with this method is a gimmick portrayed on naive & uneducated consumers.