Ionized Alkaline Water Benefits & Scams

In recent years, there has been a lot more discussion about the health benefits and uses of alkaline drinking water and acidic cleaning water. Many of us now see bottled alkaline water brands popping up in the grocery store.  You may also be seeing more and more green or natural cleaners in your supermarket. It seems that a paradigm shift is occurring today in American culture. We are now aware of the many harmful effects to ourselves and the environment from the overuse of chemicals in our household cleaners as well as the overuse of pesticides and chemicals to produce our food. More and more people want natural organic food and natural cleaners which are not harmful to themselves or the environment. This is a very good thing, that we are now choosing to take better care of ourselves and our home, the Earth.  It should also be noted that alkaline water machines allow you to follow these “green” practices in many additional ways.

Tap WaterWhat does an alkaline water ionizer do?

Basically, this machine uses a lot of science and separates the alkaline and acidic minerals in your tap water or well water or ground water into an alkaline and acidic mineral water stream. In order to fully understand, you will need to know some chemistry, but basically the minerals in your water have either a positive or negative electrical charge. The water electrolysis machine passes an electrical current through the water when it runs between the plates inside the electrolysis chamber of the machine. This electrical charge either attracts or repels certain minerals in the source water. This is how the water is separated into the alkaline and acidic ph streams. Since all matter has either a positive, negative, or neutral (stable) electrical charge, this is a natural process for making higher pH drinking water. Since the water is ionized in the electrolysis chamber, it is now called alkaline ionized water in common language, in the scientific community it is known as electrolyzed reduced water. Ionized water is much different than simple alkaline water made by the addition of minerals or chemicals to raise it’s pH, this difference is what is responsible for it’s health benefits and it’s ability to act as an antioxidant inside cells.

In addition to the scientifically researched and proven ability of electrolyzed reduced water to act as an antioxidant, alkaline ionized water is also restructured water, meaning it’s water molecules have undergone restructuring, and it is also known as restructured water to the scientific community. This restructured alkaline drinking water has what some call micro-clusters or micro-clustering. This means that the restructured water molecules now group together in smaller water cluster sizes than water which is not restructured. Thus with ionized alkaline ph water, the water clusters are smaller than those present in tap, bottled, well, or ground water, with the smallest possible water cluster size being the water dimer. This gives ionized alkaline drinking water an additional benefit no other form of drinking water possesses. The smaller water clusters allow the water molecules to penetrate the cells in your body with greater ease, since they are smaller, this leads to faster re-hydration than all other drinking water sources. In addition ionized minerals present in the water are assimilated into the body at a faster rate, this leads to faster absorption of vitamins and minerals present in the ionized drinking water. All of these benefits are scientifically researched and confirmed, and you can look them up for yourself. Other less educated and unscrupulous pushers of alkaline ionized water electrolysis machines will attempt to tell you that only their water systems can make this water.

Herein lies the advent of the Kangen Water Scam & Myth

Such is the case with Kangen water machine pushers. These often poorly educated and naive hawkers of ionized alkaline water systems will simply tell you that only Kangen water is micro-clustered, and that all the other brands of water ionizers do not do micro-clustering, which is why there are so many cheaper alternatives on the market. These sellers simply invent an endless repertoire of lies to make you think that only the Kangen Enagic water machines actually work, and that all others are simply “copy-cats” or inferior “imitators”. Most of them have very little to no sales experience, are new or inexperienced distributors (MLM marketers) for Enagic, or simply are desperate people who bought into the multi level marketing scheme to sell the devices in hopes of striking it rich with the Kagen water business myth. They in themselves, the distributors, are actually victims of the Multi Level Marketing scam, who purchased not the machine, but the “hope” of making large profits in the business. Hope is a very powerful motivator, so eloquently put “Hope is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness” I quote the Simulation Hypothesis you know as The Matrix.

Science of the Psychological Game utilized for In Person / In Home Sales

When it comes to in-person or in-home sales, whether that is your home or the home of the distributor, there is a whole psychology of  high pressure sales tactics which is utilized to make the sale. These include psychological triggers like:
Reciprocation- They give you something for free in return for something later. Kangen water system sellers will give you free water for 30 days or longer, in expectation of your purchase later.
Social Proof- Kangan water distributors like to work in groups, they hold group meetings, in their homes, your home, or in public places. Often another Kangen alkaline water ionizer machine seller is in the group, yet is disguised to be a potential customer just like you, or is disclosed to be another owner of a Kangen water filter system. The trick is this: Social proof requires that others agree with the seller of the product, thus the other acknowledged or disguised Kagen water distributor will confirm and agree with many of the claims made by the other seller, often offering themselves up as proof. You can sum this type of high pressure sales tactic up in one sentence: “Everyone is doing it, so it must be good”. Other high pressure sales tricks utilized by scams include Liking, Authority, Commitment and Consistency.

In home sales people, such as those independent distributors utilized to sell alkaline Kangen water machines, employ an arsenal of in home high pressure sales techniques such as becoming your “friend” etc. Take a good look at this video produced in a research study by Deakin University on high pressure in home sales techniques.

Sound familiar?  Were you given free kegan water?  Were you given a loaner or demo machine to use? Did that stranger, or acquaintance, after becoming your “friend”, cut you off after a certain amount of time from the free water or take back that loaner machine?  Are these “friends” promising you a “Great New Business Opportunity“? You may be shocked to know, that most people who join MLM marketing networks make less than minimum wage or make nothing at all and actually lose money after all is said and done. Just take a look at all the Kangen water distributor websites out there that are no longer available, these are all distributors who have given up and/or failed. Take a look at this chum for instance:

This video was uploaded in 2010 to youtube, if this was such a “Great New Business Opportunity” then why is this person no longer selling Kangen Enagic alkaline water machines? His website is no longer online, is he one of the many many people who purchased that initial Kangen water machine and did not sell any units? Like the many people who have slightly used and like new Kangen machines for sale on Ebay or on Amazon?Take a look at all those people who paid an arm and a leg for the product, either for their own use or to start a new business selling the products, and failed. USAtoday has done many articles on MLM marketing and you should know that people who join “multi-level marketing networks have a 99.7% failure rate, with most people making less that $1.50 an hour” Wikipedia.

Mind Tripping Kangen Water Cluster Quackery
Mind Tripping Kangen Water Cluster Quackery

When it comes to alkaline electrolysis water ionizer machines, overpaying due to a MLM sales network is not the way to go, and is just plain stupid. Scientifically, as mentioned above, all the water from all the different units is the same thing, it is actually alkaline ionized water, not Kangen water, the term Kagen water is just a sales pitch or sales term, the actual water is all the same, this is the kangen water ionizer machine benefits myth. The only difference between Kangan water and water produced by other models is the proprietary name put on it. Scientifically the water is known as “electrolyzed reduced water” or “alkaline ionized water”. You will of course not be told this truth by any in home or door to door salesman, and will in fact be told the exact opposite by any Kangen water distributor. You can listen to only what the salesman tells you, or conduct your own research and read Enagic Kangen water ionizer machine reviews on amazon, yelp, facebook, the Better Business Bureau, or elsewhere, before you buy to help you decide.

 Uses for Alkaline and Acidic ionized water.

  •  Drinkers report that the taste of the re-structured water is enhanced, it is “smoother” and “lighter” in texture due to all the extra oxygen in the water. The improved taste of ionized water is particularly noticeable when drinking beverages like coffee or tea made with electrolyzed water. The high pH alkaline water makes the coffee less acidic, and it is smoother in texture and more flavorful due to the micro-clustering.
  • Juice made with the re-structured water is reported to simply taste more appealing.
  • Cooking ionized alkaline water enhances the natural taste of the food by bringing out it’s natural flavors.
Kill surface bacteria on fruits and vegetables with strong acidic ionized water
Kill surface bacteria on fruits and vegetables with strong acidic ionized water

The acidic pH water that results from the ionization process can be used for many things outside the body, including washing your face or hair with the weak acidic or beauty water.  Use the strong acidic water for killing bacteria on the surfaces of meats and vegetables by soaking them for roughly 5 minutes. Studies that show the antibacterial effect of acidic water provides relief for health conditions like psoriasis, athlete’s foot, and other other skin conditions.

Ionized water is different than Alkalized water

When searching on the Internet you will find there is some confusion in the meaning of the terminology of ionization. Ionization is not necessarily the same as enhancing alkalinity. Simply put the pH of water can be made more alkaline by increasing the amount of minerals in it, i.e. adding something to it to raise it’s pH. You can add baking soda or other chemicals to water to raise it’s pH making it alkaline, but this does not impart the health benefiting properties of ionization which are micro-clustering and -ORP.

Th ionization process, or water electrolysis process, is the only one that gives the water its antioxidant capability and micro-clusters the water as well as raise the pH. Other cheaper alternatives such as adding chemicals or minerals will not give you any health benefits and can actually be harmful. Electrolyzed reduced water is the only water that is researched and proven to have antioxidant abilities.

Ionized alkaline water is created by using an electromagnetic field to manipulate the H2O molecule. Regular tap water enters the ionizer and is separated into two streams of liquid during the electrolysis process based upon the minerals present in the source water. One stream is the ionized alkaline water, and the other is ionized acidic water. The alkaline water output is high in antioxidant hydroxyl ions that neutralize free radicals, and is good for drinking. The acidic water output is higher in hydrogen ions, and is suitable for external use or disinfection.

Water ionizers separate minerals in tap water into both an Alkaline and Acidic water stream
Water ionizers separate minerals in tap water into both an Alkaline and Acidic water stream

Ionized water is safe for all people and animals too. Encouraging the intake of any water is likely to be beneficial to any person who makes a conscious effort. In fact, the connection between adequate hydration and good health is well documented. Most people consume acidic drinks like coffee, soda, sugary juices, sports drink, etc. when in reality what they should be drinking is water. Water is the most important substance for life, yet it seems to be overlooked by the majority of the population. Many people feel that the benefits in good health gained by drinking restructured ionized water outweigh the cost of the alkaline water ionizers in the long run, especially when compared to the financial savings of no longer buying bottled drinking water.